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This will be my fifth visit to Sicily but I am still peeling back the layers and discovering places that take my breath away.

Travellers who have been to Venice, Florence, Rome and Milan, will relish a part of Italy that is raw, covered by layers of history with dramatic moments in history and culture. First timers to Italy might indeed be overwhelmed, but they will have a history lesson that will lay down the fundamentals of knowledge for future travel through Italy.

I want to show you both sides of this extraordinary island – the well known east coast which speaks to us of Greece, and the wild, western coast which is quintessentially Arabic in its food, architecture and language. I want to take you to its heart in the seemingly barren interior, which was the grain basket for the Romans.

Essentially, I am offering a cultural tour with food and wine experiences as our emphasis. Of course, we will take in the sights, as we must. If you are interested send me an email for the itinerary and costs.

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